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The Olympus OP60 is a top of the range egg labelling machine and over 6,000 units have been shipped world wide.

                        First Apply

The Olympus First Apply is the most technological advanced printer and applicator of the range egg labelling machine with real time marking capability, no label loop, liquid crystal display and interactive user interface.

        Round Container Applicator

The Olympus RCA is is a modern semi-automatic self-adhesive label applicator and the proven  solution for labelling a wide range of round containers without adjustments.

               OP12neo INKJET

The OP12neo is the perfect way to compliment your OP60, or if you don't have an OP60 yet its crisp and clear on its own.

About OP12neo

                        IDT 252

A compact Printer/Applicator designed to print

and apply a variety of informational and decorative self adhesive labels. It can be used for many applications on all surfaces of the box including corner wrap labels.

About IDT 252

                 Software Solutions

A variety of software solutions such as monitoring and designing programs, interfaces with other companies and label verification system that helps increase productivity and ensures quality control.

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